Bring your Biosimilar to market faster

The race is on to bring your Biosimilar to market faster. But there are challenges along the way - navigating regulation and payer landscape, providing real-world evidence to physicians, and competing for the right sites and patients. A customized approach to overcome these obstacles, combined with expertise in more than 13 different therapeutic areas, IQVIA can help you make better decisions throughout your study’s lifecycle.

Take the advantage by leveraging the power of the IQVIA CORE. This is how we use unparalleled data, transformative technology, advanced analytics, and scientific expertise to help achieve study goals and bring Biosimilar drugs to market faster.

What do we mean when we say powered by the IQVIA CORE?

  • Experts that have built trial designs for more than a dozen compounds over the past decade, reaching 20 unique biological targets. 
  • Transformative technology that allows real-time access to operation-critical information to accelerate study timelines
  • Unparalleled data sources available to optimize biosimilar drug development
  • Advanced analytics capabilities to identify the right sites – inclusive of established site relationships – allowing for faster start-up and accelerated patient enrollment

Flexible solutions for Emerging Biopharma Companies
From defining the plan for your asset, to trial implementation, through launch and commercialization, IQVIA can help you find your path to success.