The lens you need to ask the right questions, and make the right decision

‘One size fits all’ has never applied in healthcare. And it never will. How you find, and treat, patients in oncology must be different than in infectious disease. Understanding regulatory and approval pathways is an entirely different journey in pediatrics than it is for Alzheimer’s treatments. We’ve known this, but until today our ability to access, connect and leverage data, technology, and advanced analytics, and apply the critical lens of domain expertise has limited how precise we can be.

Ask the right questions

From the earliest planning stages of clinical development, through launch and real-world assessment, therapeutic expertise is key to ensuring we are asking the right questions.

  • What is the real-world impact of innovation in treatments such as cell and gene therapies, and how does it differ by patient group?
  • What is the right way to navigate reimbursement requirements, globally, and how do the strategies change based on therapeutic area?
  • What is the potential for machine learning in finding patients, and how can we ensure the right assumptions and the right context is used to build the best algorithms?
  • How can we be more proactive, more precise, and even more creative, in figuring out what works, what doesn’t, and why?

As the leader in human data science, IQVIA is at the forefront of integrating human science expertise with advances in analytics and technology to help customers ask better questions, and extract more meaningful insights.

Because to move healthcare forward, we must be able to respond to and reflect on the challenges, questions and concerns that are as diverse and as complex as the diseases themselves.
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