With the right analytics, achieve the impossible

Human Data Science uses data science, healthcare expertise and human data together to better measure and improve health decisions and outcome. And IQVIA is positioned to help you tap its potential.

From determining trial site selection and finding the right patients; to optimizing your marketing channels; to shaping your story for payers. You need advanced analytics that are specific to healthcare and your therapeutic area. This is where Human Data Science comes in.

This is where we can help.

  • Find the right inputs. Get access to broad data sources, including non-identified real-world data. And use machine-learning algorithms to ensure the integrity and quality of the data.
  • Apply data science to human data. Approximate future product- and customer behavior with predictive and prescriptive analytics. In other words, get outputs that are forward thinking and actionable.
  • Implement IQVIA’s tailored, rigorously tested algorithms for specific therapeutic areas. Powered by the IQVIA CORETM. Built by healthcare experts. Rooted in business processes and tested by large amounts of big data.
Find out what happens when healthcare expertise is applied to leading analytics and unparalleled healthcare data.