Provide different teams with different insights and drive your business forward

Get alignment on what to measure, and why. Get away from duplicative reporting and fragmented solutions. Find a way to make complex, high-volume data work for you, rather than against you.

The Performance Management and Insights (PM&I) Accelerator Suite can help.

  • A data-agnostic approach transforms diverse and complex data sets into cohesive, connected insights. 
  • Pre-configuration dramatically reduces implementation time, cost and risk.
  • Easy-to-deploy, intuitive analytics and high quality, self-service reports work as well for content consumers as they do for content creators. 
IQVIA's PM&I accelerators and tools includes
  • Executive Insights Accelerator
    One version of the truth for senior commercial decision makers that is relevant and contextual to each user persona. Understand at a glance, actionable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that surface alerts and risks, allowing you to more proactively manage your performance.
  • Launch Tracking Accelerator
    The first 6 months from launch are critical. Optimize and track your launch performance by harmonizing leading and lagging KPIs. Provide an early warning system with actionable insights that helps you course correct earlier to provide better outcomes.
  • Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) Accelerator
    Empower your field force by integrating diverse data sources into a simple and easy-to-use solution that drives effectiveness and performance. Focus your reps on the personalized insights that highlight opportunities. Help them understand their customer and competitor activities and align to organizational and geographical business priorities.
  • Brand Management Accelerator
    Self-service Brand specific insights solution for cross country teams that have diverse and innovative reporting requirements. Leverage multiple data assets that are transformed into your view of your world within a single points of access.

  • Business Intelligence Tools
    Intuitive, versatile BI tool for powerful real-time analytics and collaborative reporting that promotes self-service or service of other stakeholders needs. Spend less time on everyday reports, to allow focus on more value add activities and taking action. 
  • SuperKPI Framework
    Establish a framework of KPIs that are aligned to your strategy and critical success factors. By leveraging our deep industry knowledge and expertise, the SuperKPI Framework allows you to quickly identify leading and lagging KPIs most relevant to your business, giving all stakeholders a unified view of performance.
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