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IQVIA’s Multi-Channel Marketing solutions help you engaging customers more effectively by respecting their preferences with proven healthcare-specific marketing and sales automation solutions.

  • Drive better sales outcomes by integrating touch points at the contact level.
  • Ensure your campaigns are functional and effective with actionable insights that tell you what’s working — and what’s not.
  • Monitor your communities and your reputation so you can make the most of market opportunities and respond to challenges.
  • Increase productivity by integrating systems so you can more easily and effectively meet the changing needs of your business.
  • Put campaign and customer information at your field force’s fingertips empowering them to tell a consistent and valuable story.

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Pharma's Future Customer Facing Team
The established commercial model is no longer viable and fundamental change is required, meaning the customer-facing team must also see change. This IQVIA report analyzes the forces driving major changes to the commercial model and outlines the very different customer facing team that will drive future commercial success.