Motivate people. Incentivize action.

To keep your brand performance where it needs to be, you need motivation. Incentives. And clear direction on team targets that are aligned with company strategy.

IQVIA delivers a flexible incentive compensation (IC) solution that drives revenue and keeps your sales teams focused and engaged.

  • Embrace technologies that set people up for success. Reduce the time required to design and administer plans by integrating your IC solution with existing HR and other systems.
  • Create effective, fair incentive compensation structures with rational plans and achievable quotas, mapped to organizational strategies.
  • Increase field engagement by providing timely, up-to-date reports on performance. And, ensure your teams stay focused by minimizing disruptions and facilitating accurately, timely payments.
  • Optimize your plans with insights gained from a library of configurable reports and dashboards. Easily assess plan results with visualizations that help you ensure fairness and identify issues and opportunities for strategic improvements.
  • Maintain compliance with a role-based platform that helps you share information securely and with a traceable audit trail.

Find out how our innovative incentive ideas can motivate your teams.