Manage vendors and other third parties with more ease, less risk

IQVIA has created a simple, secure way for you to assess and act on vendor risks, from bribery and improper payments, to data privacy and government sanctions.

Our Third-Party Due Diligence Portal offers the most detailed information, robust screenings, and risk protection available. An online, global solution with an integrated platform for thorough due diligence and screening activities.

Take advantage of our ongoing partnerships with top background screening providers, and find self assessments provided by the third-party organizations themselves.

  • Calculate a third-party risk score based on configurable risk factors (country, value of contract, etc.).
  • Specify distinct due diligence processes for each third party, based on their overall risk score.
  • Rescreen vendors automatically (every year, every two years, etc.) based on risk level.

Get the most from your third party vendors — with less risk to your business.