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Our world is being transformed by technology, and nowhere is this more important than in life sciences. Each day presents exciting new challenges. Today, the potential for the development of advanced treatments has never been greater. IQVIA Technologies supports this critical work with innovative technologies purpose-built for life sciences. 

Life sciences professionals require innovative technology to accelerate important products to patients and move healthcare forward. Across the product lifecycle you make crucial decisions that change lives, populations and the world we all share. IQVIA Technologies is purpose-built for those driven by a higher purpose. 

As part of the IQVIA CORE™ IQVIA Technologies integrates data, analytics and unmatched healthcare expertise. IQVIA Technologies helps you drive greater connectivity and collaboration across the enterprise, resulting in increased efficiency, higher productivity, and the ability to quickly make the right decisions. 



  • Seamless Connectivity: Built on proven technology platforms like Salesforce, Mulesoft and Reltio, IQVIA Technologies brings together disparate data sources and integrates seamlessly into your IT environment and workflows.
  • Embedded Intelligence: IQVIA Technologies embeds artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics in the application to accelerate processes and illuminate opportunity.
  • Intuitive Design: Using our products and solutions is as easy as using your smartphone. Access to relevant data is instantaneous, and completing key tasks is never more than a couple of clicks away. 

IQVIA Technologies has one goal, to ensure you have the right information at the right time and in the right place so that every decision you make is the right one for you. 


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