A premier network of high-performing clinical trial sites

Your trials are in constant motion, changing rapidly. We value your work and want to collaborate and drive excellence with you to increase your study volume, strengthen recruitment and data quality, and ultimately, improve patient care in your clinical trials. 

We work with a global network of Prime and Partner Sites to help us improve standards for effective trials and site relationships. With IQVIA, you have a partner with global resources. One who provides timely, transparent insights into the performance of your trial – throughout its lifecycle.

This clinical research network was designed to build mutually beneficial and collaborative relationships to support the success of top investigative sites. This network demonstrates superior skills in trial protocol and recruitment, led by forward-thinking professionals committed to the highest standards of clinical research. We also continually work with patient advocacy groups to deepen relationships with sites and their patients.

See how IQVIA can help simplify your studies – and help you do more of what you do best.

Prime & Partner Sites
Access our proven clinical research networks to accelerate your drug development.
Infosario Site Gateway

Simplify overall trial management by centralizing details of all your IQVIA studies.