Ensure trial inspection readiness and compliance with Expert Services

With Wingspan Expert Services from IQVIA, you get additional resources, trained in eTMF best practices, to assist in creating the list of expected documents for a study, to upload and file documents, to perform quality checks of documents submitted and to monitor the completeness of your eTMF. 

Our teams partner with you to support your clinical trial processes and commercialization.  Lock in the quality of your electronic trial master file with experienced resources who can operate using your SOPs and work instructions, or ours.

  • Optimize clinical trial performance and outcomes by accessing our extensive knowledge, including implementation suggestions for eTMF system configurations, updates based on reviews of eTMF metrics and business processes, and other best practices.
  • Manage costs through use of a scalable workforce that can be adjusted based on your specific needs. Get help for special projects such as migrations or acquisitions, or contract with us on a long-term basis.
  • Maximize resources with transparency reporting that provides information on utilization, including efficiency measures. 

Find out more about how Wingspan Expert Services from IQVIA can help your trial succeed.