Recruit and retain the right patients – faster

Finding and keeping the right patients throughout your trial requires thinking beyond direct-to-patient recruitment, to understanding what motivates them. In a recent survey conducted by IQVIA, patients reported: 


  • 78% would like study updates 
  • 89% requested access to their data and results 
While IQVIA can help you achieve faster, more accurate trial timelines and accelerate recruitment, we also help you empower patients to better understand study goals and outcomes, reducing attrition, and providing increased transparency.
The IQVIA™ Patient Portal is a global web-based solution built on the Salesforce Health Cloud, offering digital access to meaningful trial content, reminders, support services and secure patient data such as lab results and compliant plain language summaries.


The Patient Portal is a turnkey solution that meets global regulatory requirements lessening the reliance on sponsor and site staff to manage retention tasks, enabling long-term patient-centric engagement, transparency and partnering patient throughout the clinical trial journey.

Let us help you engage and retain the right patients for your trial.


Make patient-centricity a reality for your clinical trials




IQVIA Patient Portal fills the need for a patient-centric retention strategy by giving patients direct access to their data throughout the trial and beyond. Transforming the clinical trial experience and maximizing study retention.