Position your study start-up for success

A successful study start-up relies on a host of critical factors. According to Tufts Center for Drug Development, 80 percent of trials are delayed often related to patient recruitment – and 48% of sites miss their targets. These realities are forcing biopharmaceutical firms to re-examine how they execute study start-up.

IQVIA can help you get your study off to a fast start.

  • Data driven. Our holistic, data-driven solution integrates technology, insights and proven processes to reduce timelines and position your clinical trial for success.
  • Unify your processes. IQVIA Right Start incorporates protocol validation, feasibility and planning, site selection and contracting, regulatory/ethics submissions, document management, and patient recruitment as a fully integrated process, facilitating enrollment – 87% of participating trials have achieved on-time enrollment
  • Optimize and accelerate. Our framework of tools, processes and expertise can get your clinical trial up and running quickly – up to 30% faster than industry benchmark in certain therapeutic areas.

From the very beginning, you have opportunities to set up your study for success. Start-up delays and late completions don’t have to be part of your clinical development story.

Let us help you accelerate and optimize your study’s start-up.

Harness IQVIA's Full Power

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