Discover IQVIA's CORE?-powered approach to Clinical Development

Clinical development is anything but easy. The traditional path to market has been long, complex, unpredictable and expensive. With the power of the IQVIA CORETM, we are helping our  customers discover better and faster paths to success. IQVIA’s innovative approach integrates real-world insights into clinical trial design and delivery—to help you chart a more predictable and efficient path to product approval and beyond.

From beginning to end, IQVIA is there with the expertise and innovative approaches you need to get your product through the complexities of clinical development and get to market faster with a stronger value story.

Working with IQVIA, you get meaningful insights from real-world and clinical data, integrated from design to delivery. We can be your full-service provider, your consultant, or deliver services a la carte. From strategic design and planning through feasibility and start-up, recruitment, laboratories, and all aspects of trial execution, you have global, dedicated resources available across the R&D lifecycle.

Move your clinical development forward with deep institutional knowledge and domain expertise, with unparalleled data and advanced technology and analytics for faster, precise decision-making.

Let us help you optimize you clinical trial design for quality and performance.

Harness IQVIA's Full Power

Introducing the IQVIA CORE™, the new way we'll innovate.