Deliver richer study insights and more efficient clinical trials

An estimated 99% of patient activity happens outside of a hospital or clinic, limiting researchers’ view into the health and lives of the people they seek to serve. While traditional clinical trials have required researchers to piece together snapshots of biometric data and patient reported outcomes to estimate the effectiveness of a new therapy, the future drug development will be based on broader, real-time patient data, necessitating a transformation in way we deliver clinical trials today.

For biopharmaceutical companies seeking to deliver richer study insights that increase the efficiency of their clinical studies, IQVIA™ Connected Health offers a single platform enabling real-time comprehensive data generated closer to the patient via wearables, implanted devices and health apps that unlocks unprecedented, more meaningful research possibilities.

Enabling Better Clinical Research

IQVIA Connected Health removes the limits to traditional clinical research, opening up new possibilities for novel endpoints, digital biomarkers, digital therapies, and new evidence generation. Our Connected Health platform supports the full cycle of evidence generation including:

  • Study Design
  • Algorithm Development and Application Development
  • Device Validation and Verification
  • Device Logistics
  • Data Capture & Device Integration
  • Data Integration and Storage
  • Data Monitoring
  • User Experience: Data Visualizations, Alerts and Analytics


Deliver Patient-Centered Trials with Greater Efficiency

The opportunity to seamlessly integrate data from wearables and connected devices in a clinical trials setting is here. IQVIA has created a cloud-based solution to consolidate, verify and analyze continuous data delivered in near-real-time to support more efficient, patient-centered clinical trials.

Learn more about how IQVIA Connected Health can offer you richer study insights on your path to market approval.