Unlock the power of your real-world data

Data Extraction ManagementPrivacy Analytics
Responsible de-identification approach

As the value of real-world insights grows, so do concerns over privacy of protected health information (PHI). Our Privacy Analytics group enables healthcare organizations to quickly and easily use our proprietary methodology to ensure individual privacy and legal compliance.

  • Use risk-based de-identification to give your organization anonymous real-world data for data sharing, research, and application development.
  • Use Certification services to evaluate the re-identification risk of personal health information.
  • Ensure compliance with stringent global privacy regulations and standards, like GDPR.
  • Build your internal capabilities with training to provide your teams with the skills needed to manage the risk of re-identification when health data is shared.

Data Extraction and management capabilities
Access a foundation of relevant real-world data

Health systems generate vast amounts of information on patients and their outcomes, but this is hard to access and spread across disparate systems. IQVIA has dedicated teams and technologies - combined with privacy capabilities - to extract data from disparate systems, link datasets, and determine their quality.

  • Leverage bespoke extraction technology across a variety of EHRs and other patient level systems for accelerated access to data.
  • Ensure you understand the appropriate use of the data via extensive profiling tools and quality indicators.
  • Link datasets together for improved patient insight.

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