New reimbursement models using outcomes based contracting and pricing

Payers, patients, providers, biopharma. All aligned in the hope for better outcomes. Struck by how stymied we are by the lack of tools to understand and pay for treatments. IQVIA wants to offer a better way. We can help you with services to assess, create, and support outcomes-based contracting and innovative pricing agreements. Engagement tools that ensure you can prepare and plan, minimizing impact on your customer interactions and commercial progress. Robust data assets, rigorous predictive modelling and deep stakeholder knowledge, helping you operationalize risk-based contracts to generate previously untapped value.

  • Upfront modeling to align on opportunities to improve outcomes
  • On-going modeling through predictive models to target interventions

IQVIA’s innovative Collaboration for Oncology Data in Europe (CODE) is setting up the Oncology Data Network to collate up-to-date data on the use of anti-cancer medicines in real world clinical settings. As well as helping inform patient care, this will support the independent development of new flexible payment models by biopharmaceutical companies to help address the financial considerations associated with the use of anti-cancer medicines.

Let us help you deliver brand and customer value under new reimbursement models.

CODE collaboration
A collaboration to harness Europe's anti-cancer medicine usage data 
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