Drive precision performance

The growth and potential of precision medicine is creating new demand on sales and marketing teams. Products require increasingly detailed care delivery. Treatments are effective only on specific biomarkers. Patient populations are getting smaller.

Powered by the IQVIA CORE™, including the world’s largest source of curated healthcare data, IQVIA can help you be more precise. Whether you’re looking to measure performance against key sales KPIs or critical marketing mix metrics, you need relevant, timely information aligned across brands, business units, management structures and geographies. So you can build your market position today, and reach tomorrow’s sales volume, market share or ROI goals.

  • Make informed decisions and reach your performance potential. Benchmark against the market or a competitor of interest, know which marketing channels have the most impact, develop sales strategies that incent the right behavior, or accurately monitor performance so both teams understand and believe in their goals.
  • Optimize resources. Efficiently deploy sales teams against accurate customer profiles, market segments and targeted territories.
  • Drive market alignment. Incorporate global, national or sub-national anomalies and intricacies into a holistic understanding of what’s really happening.
  • Ensure a shared and integrated vision between marketing and sales. Effectively coordinate across your customer-facing functions with a 360-degree perspective of your customers.

Find out how we can work with your business to improve your team’s efficiency.

Marketing and Sales Performance Technologies
Cut through the noise. Ensure your customers hear the right information, at the right time and through their preferred channels.
Sales Force Performance Monitoring
Understanding which factors truly drive prescribing intent and improve sales results.
Opportunity Targeting
Align providers and territories with the greatest opportunity.
Sales Force Incentive Management
Understand, drive and reward the right sales behaviors and performance.
Sales Force Effectiveness
Help your sales team perform at their very best.