Tracking trends for every part of your business

Multiple products. Multiple facets to each product. And trends that can affect all of it. To stay on top of those trends — and even stay ahead of them — we offer innovative solutions, precision data and therapy area experience to support your needs.

For Analytics

  • Granular, precise and long-term tracking and trending
  • Trend insights tailored to meet your local, regional or global needs, based on data from more than 100 countries
  • Consistency of views from field to HQ and a reliable set of facts you can count on

For Sales

  • Fast, accurate reporting to help teams pivot and optimize opportunities
  • A larger framework of key performance indicators for all of your teams
  • Actionable early warning systems to help you anticipate key risks or capitalize on key openings

For Brand

  • Integration of the latest feedback from key opinion leaders with your existing customer relationship management systems
  • New ways to listen to your community and measure brand sentiment
  • Fast survey responses that go beyond traditional survey methods, using social media micro-targeting and virality features

This is trend analysis based on real-world insights — tailored to your business.

Find out how our trend tracking can work for every facet of your business.


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Trend Analysis

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How do you take separate steams of data and insights and give them power?