OneKey: A single, validated source of truth for target profiles

OneKey delivers relevant, valuable contact details on 15 million healthcare professionals (HCPs) and 1 million healthcare organizations (HCOs) and their affiliations from over 100 countries. So you can run better segmentation modeling. Update your CRM. Validate sales incentives. Manage sales territories. Connect your business to your target audience.

Precision Market Research

And reference data is only as good as it is timely, so OneKey records are continually updated by 700 experienced researchers with country-specific knowledge. In fact, there are 1.5 million updates each month.

  • Know who is driving treatment paths and decisions with current information on official structures, positions and roles
  • See connections and understand how professionals and organizations are affiliated with one another
  • Optimize integration with OneKey’s APIs, accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Be precise with 250+ attributes and harmonized views of HCPs and HCOs
  • Stay compliant with regulations pertaining to data privacy and the changing formats of local healthcare delivery environments

OneKey is a trusted data source for HCPs and HCOs worldwide. Find out what OneKey can do for you.