Make informed portfolio decisions and take control of uncertainty

Prepare for the impact of new research discoveries and market events. Strengthen your portfolio with informed decisions and fewer assumptions. IQVIA can deliver insights to help you take control of uncertainty and deliver a strategic plan to optimize value for your franchise, from pipeline investments to in-market product decisions.

Strategy & Portfolio Analysis

Powered by the IQVIA CORE™, our global, local and functional experts can provide you with the actionable insights and resources to help you with all aspects of portfolio strategy and management, including methodologies, processes and tools.

  • Accurate, real-time forecasting insights at the local, regional, and global level
  • Customized forecasting approaches, balancing real-time forecasting demand with ad-hoc services and models depending on your needs
  • Dedicated forecasting platforms and resources that efficiently handle your needs
  • Tools to evaluate potential paths to optimize results, increase commercial effectiveness, and value internal and external assets

Prepare your franchise for the path ahead.

Hear from our experts

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