This is data in action

The right use of robust data can offer your business more value, more insights, and less risk. But to turn that data into action, you need a partner who can help you think about analytics and the complexities of fair market value in new ways.

business analytics

IQVIA Business Analytics and Fair Market Value services have a global analytical footprint across 90 countries, and the ability to analyze the full range of engagements that life sciences companies have.

  • MarketINTEL is focused on providing easy-to-use analyses of global transparency reporting data in a way that informs your customer engagement strategy and highlights potential risks.
  • ComplianceINTEL provides benchmarking support for healthcare provider engagements and risk-based identification of compliance monitoring targets.
  • Fair Market Value services help your business work with individual customers and third parties, and can also offer support with the operational implementation of fair market value, making sure Fair Market Value becomes a tool for business efficiency and growth.

Our methods have two parallel goals: business value and compliance. We take pride in knowing we can help you turn our analytical experience and expertise into actionable steps that will move your business forward.

See how our expert consultants can help you leverage business analytics and Fair Market Value to the fullest extent for your organization.