Get the most from your promotion, at every phase

You know clever ideas have a limited shelf life. But a promotional strategy based on insight and analysis has the power to alter the landscape. With IQVIA, you can establish a brand that endures.

To help you optimize every phase of promotion, we use the IQVIA CORE™ to deliver combination of detailed metrics, advanced automation technology and insights on a granular scale so you can.

  • Max out every dollar you spend on promotion
  • Understand how effective you and competitors have been, by channel, by audience and by local and regional market around the world
  • Improve customer engagement rates
  • Fine-tune messages
  • Find stakeholders with influence
  • Identify KOLs who drive uptake

Getting the most out of your promotion means continuously building capabilities. Evolving. Expanding.

Reimagine a more efficient and productive approach to promotion, with fully optimized and orchestrated customer engagement.

Tighter budgets. More regulations. New marketing channels. As you launch and track your products in this ever-changing global environment, you need the optimal multi-channel strategy to be sure you don’t miss a thing.