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We are IQVIA, The Human Data Science CompanyTM

Healthcare is an industry designed to help humans. As a global community, we continuously invest and commit to advancing human health. To deliver value and real outcomes. To rise to the challenge to find the next breakthrough by making the most of increasingly limited resources.

We are inspired by the potential and propelled by the possibilities. We share the vision to drive healthcare forward. To see how we can help accelerate progress and achievements. Others are developing these medical breakthroughs. We do our part by using breakthroughs in insights, technology and human intelligence to reimagine and deliver ways to help make them a reality.

It’s bigger than better clinical trials. Or advances in technologies and analytics. Or faster insights. It’s about unleashing the power of human data science. And that is why IMS Health and Quintiles have come together to be IQVIA, The Human Data Science Company.

Motivated by the industry we help, we’re committed to providing solutions that enable life sciences companies to innovate with confidence, maximize opportunities, and, ultimately, drive human health outcomes forward.


Le nouveau magazine d’IQVIA regroupant nos Données, Analyses et Avis d’expert sur l’actualité. (Most content available in French only.)

Public Health Data and Open Data

Meet the challenge of the new French medico-administrative data access thanks to our expert teams

Since April, new rules regarding access to French medico-administrative healthcare data (SNIIRAM, EGB, PMSI) have had a deep impact on healthcare data challenges.

With the creation of the SNDS (Système National des Données de Santé) and the INDS (Institut National des Données de Santé), plus new regulations regarding access to these datasets, it has become compulsory for all stakeholders to fully integrate these evolutions into their strategy.

To help accompany you on these key strategic issues, our expert teams are there to help you to:

  • Understand the new French regulatory context and its evolutions
  • Anticipate potential impacts to your collaboration process with French healthcare authorities
  • Harness the power of these datasets in all your projects (observational studies, clinical protocols, EMR...)

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