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We are IQVIA, The Human Data Science Company

Healthcare is an industry designed to help humans. As a global community, we continuously invest and commit to advancing human health. To deliver value and real outcomes. To rise to the challenge to find the next breakthrough by making the most of increasingly limited resources.

We are inspired by the potential and propelled by the possibilities. We share the vision to drive healthcare forward. To see how we can help accelerate progress and achievements. Others are developing these medical breakthroughs. We do our part by using breakthroughs in insights, technology and human intelligence to reimagine and deliver ways to help make them a reality.

It’s bigger than better clinical trials. Or advances in technologies and analytics. Or faster insights. It’s about unleashing the power of human data science. And that is why IMS Health and Quintiles have come together to be IQVIA, The Human Data Science Company.

Motivated by the industry we help, we’re committed to providing solutions that enable life sciences companies to innovate with confidence, maximize opportunities, and, ultimately, drive human health outcomes forward.

Creating Connections for Healthcare Performance in Australia

Established in the 1970s, IQVIA Australia has a comprehensive array of clinical-commercial solutions for biopharmaceutical, medical device and other healthcare organizations operating in Australia. Our commercial solutions cover the pharmacy distribution channel from wholesaler sales to pharmacy through to prescription fulfilment, commercialization enhancement and market research capabilities. Our pharmacy business analytics tools provide a total business view to pharmacy and a foundation for future service development.

During 2013-2015, IQVIA Australia is continuing significant investment in helping clients to gain deeper insight into prescription and consumer health information. This investment will allow the realization of a number of services that address the need for more accurate representation of the healthcare market and the dynamics that influence commercial potential.

An increase in health promotion and disease awareness will boost consumption of medicines in the therapeutic areas targeted in national campaigns. Faster market access for new medicines, under government efforts to operate in accordance with agreements made with industry under the Memorandum of Understanding is an additional growth driver. The expanded and accelerated price disclosure rules will continue to reduce pharmaceutical prices, with the system remaining in place until mid-2014 at least.

In today's highly competitive and complex environment, contact your IQVIA Australia representative to gain greater clarity and stay one step ahead of the competition with the valuable insights gained from IQVIA offerings.
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Our Thinking

Human Science Meets Data Science - IQVIA APAC Insight: Issue 9
With half the world’s population and the second largest Pharma market, Asia Pacific as a region is the most dynamic of the global economy and continues to rise in prominence. As the role of Asia Pacific shifts, the need to be better informed and better prepared, in order to achieve success in this rapidly evolving market, is now greater than ever. Bearing this in mind, Issue 9 of the IQVIA APAC Insight magazine, is built around the theme “Human Science Meets Data Science”, which is the intersection where IQVIA lives. This issue explores how science, data, technology and analytics are converging to drive healthcare forward in Asia Pacific.